A Visionary with more than 25 years of Experience in the IT Industry, Mr.V.Ramesh is at the helm of affairs at SSSIT, Steering it towards Excellence. SSSIT Founded in 1999 and operating for over of 25 years SSSIT has worked steadily to achieve excellence in Computer Education and Training, Software Development, Corporative Training and Consultancy. Working on several software development projects for both domestic and global markets and Engineering Academic Projects SSSIT is today a name to reckon with based in Hyderabad, India.

Experienced-Team With the state-of-art infrastructures and an experienced, qualified team Skilled IT Professionals, SSSIT can be trusted to deliver the high quality solutions to all its customers. SSSIT offers services such as application development, software maintenance, internal consulting and establishing software centers for a wide range of clients. SSSIT domain expertise lies in developing and maintaining machine critical systems whether the application is hosted in a mainframe or client server environment, SSSIT ensures maximum performance.

Sophisticated CentersSSSIT software engineers are skilled an all database management systems, operating systems, programming languages and communication interfaces, their structured, systematic approach to the execution of the project is aimed at meeting all client requirements, on time and every time. The satisfaction of the clients is the measure of one’s success. The high rate of repeat projects and the expanding clientele are witness to the quality and value SSSIT gives to its customers. Good teaching makes the subject easy to learn. With a decade and a half in high-end software and hardware training, SSSIT knows the significance of learner – friendly education tools. The curricula for its courses have been designed to maximize the rate of learning, simply, by making things easy to understand. To achieve this SSSIT encourages active, effective interaction between the faculty and the students. As an education company that trains students emerging technologies, SSSIT believes in keeping pace with the ever-changing software scene.SSSIT sophisticated Centers are well equipped with networked servers, Desktop computers, Printers, scanners, class rooms and other advanced teaching aids. Student – Faculty interactive sessions are encouraged for better understanding and absorption of the subjects. Courseware is continuously to be in tune with current industry requirements.Exlusively course materials are supplied to all its students.